SpectX presented at the 1st Annual Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance Forum

Akhilesh Goveas, founder & CEO of SpectX, present at the 1st Annual Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance Forum on April 20-21st, 2023. The event was an industry-leading conference for business leaders.
SpectX is an autonomous aerial radiography inspection and asset management start-up that uses synchronised drones for the inspection and maintenance of difficult-to-access assets like offshore wind turbines. Currently, SpectX is developing X-ray inspections of hard-to-reach assets possible using multiple synchronized autonomous drones.
The panel discussion on data-driven decision-making in offshore wind operations discussed questions such as how can data be used to improve decision-making, what are the challenges of handling data and what kind of analytical tools are being used. Also, on the agenda is how can disparate data be harmonized and how can operational and maintenance data be combined effectively.
The event focused on highlighting the core benefits of the effective operations and maintenance of offshore wind turbines. The estimated turnout of the event includes 70 delegates and 5 exhibitors and is spread out over 2 days where specialists and industry leaders from all over the world will demonstrate offshore wind technology that can be used for reliable, accessible and cost-effective operations and maintenance to increase safety, revenue, performance and reduce costs.