• SpectX pitched at the Dragons Den of Transition

SpectX pitched at the Dragons Den of Transition

November 22th, 2021|

SpectX was one of the companies that presented their solution for the autonomous inspection of wind turbines by using two synchronised drones that provide automatic X-ray inspections of wind turbine blades.

  • Photovoltaics image from drone

Drone benefits in photovoltaic solar farms

Agust 2nd, 2021|

SpectX is a drone service provider (DSP) from Netherlands, which includes photovoltaic (PV) solar farms inspections among its wide range of drone inspections it offers.

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Autonomous robotic inspection of assets

January 23th, 2021|

Autonomous drone inspection removes human error and minimizes downtime by enabling a quick, safe and accurate inspection. The drones provide high-quality, accessible data of critical assets.

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Digital Radiography

December 13th, 2020|

Digital radiography is becoming for widely used with advances in digital technology. DR is used for detecting defects, corrosion, erosion, cracks and loss of structure thickness.

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What is D-GPS and how does it work?

October 14th, 2020|

DGPS (Differential Global Positioning System) is an advanced version of GPS (Global Positioning System). DGPS provides improved location accuracy from about 15 m to a few cm.

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