SpectX - Finalist Of The Offshore Wind Innovators Award

SpectX is currently developing an aerial digital radiography system as a non-destructive inspection technique for wind turbines. Synchronised drones are used for detecting internal structural defects in wind turbine blade composite material and tower structures in real-time using Artificial Intelligence. SpectX is one of the finalists of the Offshore Wind Innovators Award for the most appealing offshore wind innovation of 2021. The most significant innovation developed by SpectX is the use of drones that are synchronized to the millimetre to detect defects with a portable digital radiography system consisting of an X-ray emitter mounted on one drone and a digital receiver (detector) on another drone. The drones are synchronized based on GPS, LiDAR positioning systems, and a dynamic reference beacon.
SpectX eliminates the dangerous and time-consuming work of technicians who would otherwise have to use ropes to manually scale the wind turbines and inspect the wind turbine structures. Another unique application of SpectX is the use of drones to detect internal defects in the material, which are the main cause of long-term failure. Previously, drones were only used for inspections that detect damage on the exterior surface of wind turbines. SpectX will be pitching its innovation during the TKI Wind op Zee Live event on March 22nd, 2022 which will be witnessed by the offshore wind sector.