SpectX presents at “Autonomous aerial radiography (NDT) of railway overhead lines at the SPRINT Robotics & RIMA SEMINAR

Robotics plays a key role in the inspection and maintenance of transport infrastructure, keeping it operational through increased reliable data collection in hazardous environments that are often remote and inaccessible.
Transport infrastructure includes roads, railways, bridges and tunnels which are sometimes difficult to access. Manual inspection and maintenance can be costly and dangerous, which is where robotics can be applied to keep it safe and operational.
Akhilesh Goveas of SpectX will be presenting the company’s innovation in autonomous aerial radiography (Non-Destructive Testing) of railway overhead lines. SpectX applies synchronised drones for detecting internal defects in structures in real time using Artificial Intelligence and X-ray digital radiography. Their system eliminates special and expensive equipment currently used in inspection and maintenance such as under-bridge cranes, rigging or divers, with minimum interference using autonomous drones synchronised with GPS and LiDAR.