SpectX pitched at the Dragons Den of Transition

The Dragon’s Den of Transition is part of the European Industry and Energy Summit that provides a stage for investors to support innovations in sustainable energy and accelerate this transition, providing start-ups with the backing they need to succeed.
SpectX was one of the companies that presented their solution for the autonomous inspection of wind turbines by using two synchronised drones that provide automatic X-ray inspections of wind turbine blades. Akhilesh Goveas, founder and CEO of SpectX stated that the company’s integrated system leads to faster inspections, decreased downtime and lower operations and maintenance costs of offshore wind turbines. The use of autonomous drones is also safer than employing technicians secured by ropes to inspect structures.
Dragon’s Den of Transition will pave the way for innovators in the field of European industrial transformation and help start-ups like SpectX in areas of finance, marketing, networking, entrepreneurship and business development. The dragons will get the attention of innovators in the field of sustainable energy and make contacts for SpectX who asked for funding as well as launching customers.
If Goveas can secure a budget, we could see the first concept of SpectX autonomous technology within 18 months. A launching customer will also provide SpectX with wind turbines for testing this technology. Technically, this is a viable solution that is the first of its kind.